Sustainable Materials And Recycling Technologies: the Fater Group division that has changed absorbent hygiene products end-of-life management

our mission

To significantly contribute to the protection of the planet by combining environmental sustainability, economic development and social responsibility, through the research of innovative technologies aimed at upcycling used absorbent hygiene products into high value added secondary raw materials that feed new production processes.

About 30 million metric tons/year are destined to landfill or incineration
In Europe, about 8.5 million metric tons/year are destined to landfill or incineration
In Italy, about 900 thousand metric tons/year are destined to landfill or incineration


Single-use absorbent hygiene products represent a waste product that is destined to landfill or incineration, with a considerable negative impact on the environment and the economy.

Today, thanks to the FaterSMART technology, boasting 108 registered patents, absorbent hygiene products may be turned into everyday products, packaging, and new absorbent products. To have an idea of the environmental benefits, consider that every fully operative plant would avoid greenhouse emissions equal to those produced by 1000 cars in 1 year.


Be and to be recognized as Circular Economy industry thought leaders, champions of research and innovation and preferred business partners, spreading worldwide an innovative system of collection and upcycling of used absorbent hygiene products that will deliver benefits to everyone: environment, citizens, municipalities, market players and the industry.


Our research began in 2008, while the experimentation phase was launched in the province of Treviso in 2013.

The research behind and creation of this innovative technology was carried out using lab-testing machines that, by means of vapour and pressure, manipulated and sterilized the used absorbent hygiene products, mechanically separating their components.


Given the encouraging results of the experimentation carried on growingly large samples, in 2015 Fater has created its third prototype machine, designed for industrial quantities.

Through the cooperation with Contarina S.p.A. – a company involved in waste collection and recycling – the machine has run to this day in order to assess the efficiency of its implementation at an industrial level. The data collected and the experience gained in three years of experimentation have thus been used to manufacture the new version of the recycling machine, also set up for an efficiency assessment at an industrial level.


On October 25th 2017 we have inaugurated the first industrial plant in the world capable of recycling 100% of used absorbent hygiene products. The plant turns the products into high value-added secondary raw material that may be reused in new manufacturing processes.

The plant allows recycling of just any absorbent hygiene product, for the production of sterilized plastic, cellulose, and superabsorbent polymer to be reused as precious secondary raw material, thus giving a new life to that which – just a few years ago – was considered a non-recyclable waste product.


The plant, a one-of-a-kind facility in the world, is able to process, at full operation, 10,000 metric tons/year of used absorbent hygiene products, equivalent to the amount produced by a population of around 1 million people.

With a constant research activity that aims to reach excellence in every field, the next step of the project is the launch of new plants in Italy and abroad.


Our team includes people with diverse but complementary professional backgrounds. Each of us has high-level experience both in Italy and abroad, and works towards a common goal: to create a more sustainable world through innovation.

Giovanni Teodorani Fabbri is part of the FaterSMART Team Marcello Somma is part of the FaterSMART Team Orsola Bolognani is part of the FaterSMART Team Ariel Funaro is part of the FaterSMART Team Laura Di Bari is part of the FaterSMART Team Melania Migliaccio is part of the FaterSMART Team Riccardo Calvi is part of the FaterSMART Team Mauro Palomba is part of the FaterSMART Team Guido Poliseno is part of the FaterSMART Team Nicola d'Alessio is part of the FaterSMART Team Antonio Liconti is part of the FaterSMART Team Giorgio Vaccaro is part of the FaterSMART Team Giorgio Pignalosa is part of the FaterSMART Team Giuseppe Landolfo is part of the FaterSMART Team Antonio Tacconi is part of the FaterSMART Team



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